I have been committed to being available and responsive to constituents whether it be to specific concerns in their neighbourhood, development initiatives or planning for our future. I always strive to be well informed about the many complex issues coming before Council.


I have built positive relationships with fellow Councillors, city staff, community partners and elected representatives in other municipalities. This has been a priority for me. Different viewpoints are healthy and a reflection of our community. Collaboration is essential for good local decision making.


I have stayed connected to my community through individual and community meetings, Town Halls, Newsletters, Social Media and by actively reaching out to gather feedback. Being connected to the community I serve has been key in assisting me to be current with issues affecting the day to day lives of people in our City.

Cathy is hard working and committed …

Cathy is hard working and committed to making the best choices for not only her Ward 5 constituents but for all of Guelph. She always does her homework, thoroughly researches the issues and is prepared to explain her position both in and outside the council chambers. We are grateful to have Cathy as our Ward 5 councillor and will be supporting her once again in the 2018 municipal election.

Oxanna and Warren Adams
Ward 5 Residents, Community Advocates

Cathy Downer came to our home, listened with compassion …

We were more than $300,000 into a home renovation and had lost faith in most of what we were being told by our builders, including on what the City of Guelph would and would not allow. Cathy Downer came to our home, listened with compassion and asked good questions, before pointing me towards the correct building official. Within days I had the information I needed to force my builders to fix a problem they’d created, plus the building department helped expedite approval of our revised plans. We can’t thank Cathy and the building department staff enough for the help they offered when we needed it most.

Michael Strickland-MacPhee
Ward 5 Resident

She is intelligent and insightful …

Cathy Downer has served as one of Guelph’s most effective members of City Council for a total of 16 years. She is intelligent and insightful, and her deliberations are always fair and balanced.  Cathy is routinely able to assess the details of complex discussions and articulate reasonable, rational solutions. Quality of life in the city is her strong priority. Guelph needs Cathy as a member of Council.

Virginia Gillham
Ward 5 Resident, Chair of the Friends of the Guelph Public Library

Cathy is committed to building a strong, healthy community …

I am pleased to support Cathy Downer in her bid to return for a sixth term as Councillor for Ward 5. I especially appreciate Cathy’s openness to listen to the opinions of others before she reaches her own conclusions. Cathy is committed to building a strong, healthy community, not only for the residents in her ward, but for all Guelph residents, and I hope you will join me in voting for her this October.

Janet Kaufman
Ward 5 Resident, Passionate Volunteer

Engaged, Energetic, Compassionate, and Dedicated …

Engaged, Energetic, Compassionate, and Dedicated are a few words that describe Cathy. She is a true example of dedication as demonstrated by her work locally in Ward 5 & city wide, along with her voice on the AMO (Association of Municipalities Ontario). We have been impressed with Cathy’s compassion and engagement in regard to Ward 5 issues.

Rick & Helen Davidson
Ward 5 Residents, Community Advocates, Business Owner

I wholeheartedly support and endorse her campaign for re-election …

In the 2 years of attending city council meetings and getting to know Coun. Downer, I’ve always found her to be
1) knowledgeable and informed on the issues,
2) engaged in the municipal processes that govern them, and
3) dedicated and committed to representing a diverse constituency in ward 5 and the city. Cathy’s expertise with municipal governance and policymaking are an incredible asset to our community, and I wholeheartedly support and endorse her campaign for re-election to Guelph’s city council

Abhi Kantamneni
Ward 5 Resident, PhD Candidate-Geography

She is an attentive listener …

I am impressed with the time, dedication and expertise that Cathy Downer has brought to council this past term.  She is an attentive listener, very good at explaining the policies and council procedures and reliable at following up with answers to questions. Very important to me, she has always done her homework before the meeting, whether it is the council, a committee or a couple of residents.

Lisa Mactaggart
Ward 5 Resident