The Past Four Years….

It has been an honour to once again serve the citizens of Guelph as one of Ward 5’s representatives on City Council. On many issues I have taken a leadership role and have been influential in achieving positive outcomes on other matters coming before City Council.

Leadership Roles

The New Main Library

I received support for a number of Council motions to bring the New Downtown Main Library back on track. The new library is definitely going to be a part of the Baker Street Redevelopment and we have selected an innovative partner to help us fully realize the community’s vision for the Main Library and Baker Street.

OMB Reform

I advocated successfully both provincially and locally for ‘bold’ Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reform. Early this term I joined a group of 14 elected leaders from the greater GTA to work together and call upon the Province to significantly reduce the powers of the OMB. The OMB had become an expensive legal process that was not accessible to most citizens and disrespected local decision making. The OMB is now gone and we have a Local Planning Appeals Tribunal with very limited powers to overturn municipal planning decisions.

Hydro Corridor/Silvercreek Park

In collaboration with the Silvercreek Park Community, City Staff, Trees for Guelph and Hydro One, I worked to find alternative solutions to the clear cut along the Hydro corridor.  This resulted in a donation from Hydro One towards a community project to replant the corridor with meadow grasses and pollinator friendly bushes and wildflowers. This also initiated further work by the City to control buckthorn, an invasive plant, in Silvercreek Park.


I successfully presented a motion to have the Neighbourhood Support Coalition funding increased by $100,000. This extra funding is to help increase their capacity to carry out the important work of supporting children, families and individuals in their neighbourhoods. Read here about the GNSC .

Homecoming 2017

Neighbourhoods in Ward 5 experienced disruptions during Homecoming 2017. The University and its students make great contributions to our city and it’s a small minority of students who create problems but those few can have a big impact. I advocated with the community on issues related to Homecoming 2017 and large parties.  Along with Councillor Piper, I hosted and moderated a Town Hall with a panel of stakeholders to hear the concerns of residents. Out of this meeting, the U of G formed a Homecoming Working Group of which I am a member. The group has recommended initiatives and actions that will be implemented this fall in coordination with City staff, the Central Student Association, Police and U of G Administration. I am also a member of the Town and Gown Committee.

Advocacy Roles

  • Enhanced public engagement in Phase 3 of the Clair Maltby Plan
  • Higher urban design standards in development applications that respects community character and environmental sustainability
  • Night Sky Regulations for the new LED street lights.
  • Include Green Infrastructure such as trees and natural areas as a financial valuation in our Asset Management Plan
  • Bringing forward motions at Budget time to ensure we can fully implement our Urban Forest Master Plan
  • Red Lights Cameras Pilot
  • Community energy initiative with a target of Net Zero Carbon by 2050 as well as the ‘corporation’ of the City to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  • Worked with community groups on development applications

Community Outreach

  • Twice yearly Town Halls
  • Meeting with community groups – Old University Neighbourhood, McElderry Community, Hanlon Creek Neighbourhood Group, Central Student Association, Mayfield Park Community
  • Active on Social Media promoting City initiatives and opportunities for feedback
  • Newsletters
  • Meeting with individual residents
  • Association of Municipalities of Ontario
    • Board Member
    • Co-Chaired the Digital Government Task Force
  • Public Works Committee of City Council – Chair